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Welcome to the Louisiana College Portal Page
Founded in 1906, Louisiana College is a private, Baptist coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences with selected professional programs. Built upon the principles of character and learning, the College has a tradition of outstanding academics and is the only Baptist, four-year institution in Louisiana.

About Louisiana College: For an overview of LC facts and distinctives, read LC at a Glance. For more in-depth information on the College's identity, history, and mission, read the Identity & Mission of Louisiana College.

Campus and Location: Located in the heart of Louisiana, Louisiana College's picturesque 81-acre Pineville campus features a mix of historic buildings and modern athletic, performance, classroom, and living facilities. Learn more.

Official Transcript Fees:
Official Transcript/Electronic Delivery Requested Online-
$5 Per Transcript
Same Day/Faxed Transcript Requested at Registrar's Office-
$10 Per Transcript
Unofficial Transcript Fees:
Unofficial Transcript - Mailed $2 Per Transcript      Same Day Pickup $10 Per Transcript
Current students can print an unofficial transcript from the MyLaCollege Portal Students Tab free of charge.
No transcript, official or unofficial, will be released until a student's account is cleared in the business office and the financial aid office.
Transcript Requests
    Official Transcript - 1 copy  
    Official Transcript - 3 copies  

Browser Compatibility Solutions

With the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and 11 there are some compatibility issues.  We have posted here some solutions to this problem. 


1.           You can use a different browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. 

2.           You can set Internet Explorer 10 or 11 to run in compatibility mode or you can set it to run as IE 9.  To make changes to Internet Explorer you need to depress the "Alt" key while having your browser window open and active, then select tools, then select compatibility view settings, and add to the list.  This makes the site run in IE 10 compatibility mode. 

3.           You can set Internet Explorer to run as IE 9. To make IE 10 run as IE 9 you need to click on the gear icon at the top right of your browser and choose F12developer options.  You will notice a new set of windows open at the bottom. in the tool bar of these windows click on Browser Mode and a list of browser options opens.  Choose IE 9 from the list and this will set your browser to operate as if it were IE 9. 


Any of these options will work to allow you to function within the portal.

Mobile Access to Learning Portal

JICS Go extends the reach of your JICS portal beyond the desktop or laptop browser and into the hands of the mobile user, providing your mobile device users with access to your JICS server. By using a mobile device such as cell phones and tablets, your end users can access the content on JICS from anywhere, at any time by going to on their mobile device. Students will be able to access coursework information in the eRacer® learning management system with just a few taps on their mobile device.

JICS Go has a completely new user interface specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile device users. Special attention was paid to the usage patterns of the mobile user.

JICS Go supports many of the JICS base portlets and most of the e-Racer portlets for students. Supported devices include Apple® iOS devices (iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad®), Google Android™ devices, and Blackberry® v6.0 phones.

Supported devices include:

·Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) running iOS 3.2 - 5.0

·Android devices running Google Android OS 2.1 - 2.3

·Blackberry v6.0

Microsoft Windows Phone 7.x is under review.

Cellular Data or Wi-Fi Internet connection required for all devices.


JICS Go 2.0 Provided the following connectivity:

 The new "Student Center". Student Center is a mobile version of CRM Student and includes add/drop courses, current schedules, course search, grades & transcript, advisor meetings, personal information, financial aid, 1098T and the Ethnicity & Race Form.

 Enhancements to Calendars including calendar subscriptions.

 Enhancements to Campus Maps including images, descriptions and embedded Google Map displays.
JICS Go 2.1 is now deployed.
In JICS Go 2.1 you will find:

Support for eLearning 1.0 including a mobile view of the new Course Organizer and the new Forum Assignment type.

 The Student Center course add/drop supports courses that require Advisor approval.

 Several improvements to Campus Maps including the embedded map can now display an initial zoom level and map type.

How do I log in to MyLaCollege?

Your username is your student ID number. 
Password is case-sensitive. 
Click "Login".

What if I forgot my password?

Click on the 'I forgot my password' link next to the Login button on the MyLaCollege login page. Clicking this link will reset your password and send it to the email address on record - for current students this is your LC e-mail.

How do I change my password?

Once logged in to MyLaCollege, click the "Personal Info" link located at the top of the screen by your name.

Click the Password tab. Enter your old password, new password and confirm password.Click Save.

How do I reset my network password or unlock my network account?

To reset your network password or unlock your network user account please visit the following website:

What are my user accounts?

Information on all your Louisiana College user accounts can be found in this pdf document.

How do I connect to the wired or wireless networks?

You are now required to register your device on our network both wired and wireless before accessing network resources and internet. 
Please follow the instruction in this pdf document to gain access. NAC Registration Instructions 
This document Connecting to the Wireless Network will help you in establishing a wirless connection.
After registering you will have to install a NAC agent. Guests will install the dissovable agent.
Students, staff, and faculty will install the persistent agent or agent service. It is recommended to choose the persistant agent service.
If you are having difficulty downloading and installing the agent you can download it here and install it on your computer.
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Email Systems

Please read the information below explaining the systems and follow the directions listed to access them.

Faculty and Staff Email

The Faculty and Staff Email systems may be accessed by the following links through a web browser.
Faculty and Staff Email -  A Microsoft Exchange Email System  provides web access via Outlook Web App or "OWA" for short.
This email system is very similar to the Microsoft Outlook application that is commonly used by many to check email on their computers.  The functionality is also very similar.

Student Email

The student email system has not yet been upgraded or changed.  Access to the system remains the same as it has always been.
Student Email - The student email system is a Microsoft Office 365 hosted solution.  The solution gives access to an email account, online versions of Microsoft Office, and access to cloud based data storage.