Overview of the Employment Position Management Feature

The Employment Position Management feature is accessible from any web-enabled device and allows select user groups to enter and submit position requisitions, create the online application using Form Builder 2.0, communicate with other users involved in the processes, review the status of a position request, approve requisitioned positions, post openings, review submitted applications, and approve an applicant for an interview.

Use this feature to do any of these:

·       Enter and Submit Position Requisitions

·       Review the Status of a Position Request

·       Approve or Deny Requisitioned Positions

·       Send an Email to Position Requisition Collaborators

·       View or Add Comments to Position Requisitions

·       View or Add Attachments to Position Requisitions

·       Set Up an Approved Position Listing

·       Approve or Reject an Applicant for an Interview

·       Send an Email to Hiring Process Collaborators

·       View or Add Comments to an Applicant's Application

·       View or Add Attachments to an Applicant's Application

·       Establish the General Email Address for Receiving Applicant Email Messages (Administrators)

·       Establish or Update the "About us" Content (Administrators)